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According to Ivy documentation dependency with changing="true" means the module can change even if the revision is the same. This is useful especially for integration.

Now, I expect the system is smart enough so it does not download artifacts every time. It can compare, for example, "publication" timestamps in ivy.xml and download (and cache) only if necessary.

But this is not the case if the dependency has rev="latest.integration". I see it downloads artifacts every time and I'm sure they were not changed. If I change "rev" to some exact revision, then it works as expected.

Is this expected behavior and do I have any chance to make it work with "latest.integration"?

I use Ivy 2.2.0.

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Obscure problem. Your report does appear to contradict a strict interpretation of how the changing module functionality works.

I'd suggest raising a ticket on the ivy JIRA. Not an issue that can be solved here.

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Yeah, Mark, I think you are right. I was just not sure if I maybe misinterpret the Ivy configuration guide. I'll file a bug, thanks. – Yurii Soldak Sep 21 '11 at 7:54

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