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Hello I'm a bit new still to gVim and have a vi and ViEmu(Visual Studio) background. One thing that constantly bugs me if that when I select text with the mouse it will enter SELECT mode. However, I can't do anything from there because whenever I press any key it will replace what I have selected with the key and automatically switch to INSERT mode. How do I keep this from happening and keep it in SELECT mode or at least COMMAND mode?

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:behave xterm

and put that to your vimrc.

EDIT : better follow Luc Hermitte's answer.

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This is the answer I'm looking for. The difference being SELECT and VISUAL (I was wondering why gVim had a select mode and where that came from) –  Earlz Aug 24 '11 at 16:40
It comes from windows compatibility IMO, but over the years it has been hijacked to implement placeholders. –  Luc Hermitte Aug 24 '11 at 17:09

It looks like you ware using gvim on windows, and that you haven't deleted mswin.vim. This file is the root of many evils. My advice: get rid of it and learn vim's way of copy/pasting.

EDIT: you may also need the behave xterm as Benoit suggested. I don't remember if it is really required (all I can say is that my _vimrc has it)

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I'm learning vim's way of copy/paste but I still select things with the mouse sometimes. Going to insert mode is very annoying when I do it and expect to be able to run a command –  Earlz Aug 24 '11 at 16:38
The vim way is not incompatible with the mouse. I'm using both. But not mswin.vim. –  Luc Hermitte Aug 24 '11 at 17:06
You can just take references to mswin out of your _vimrc, too. :) The microregion selections that I frequently get when focusing the gVim window annoyed me enough to add vnoremap <LeftRelease> <C-\><C-n> to my _vimrc. If I really wanted the selection (which is rare) I type gv. –  dash-tom-bang Aug 25 '11 at 1:00

But the most direct answer is to set selectmode to the desired value.

:set selectmode&

The selectmode is set by the behave command (so yes, removing behave mswin or source mswin.vim and the likes does help).

Look at :he behave to see which values are used for xterm/mswin modes

Documentation :he selectmode

'selectmode' 'slm' string (default "")

      {not in Vi}
  This is a comma separated list of words, which specifies when to start
Select mode instead of Visual mode, when a selection is started.
Possible values:
   mouse    when using the mouse
   key      when using shifted special keys
   cmd      when using "v", "V" or CTRL-V
See |Select-mode|. 
The 'selectmode' option is set by the |:behave| command.
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