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How to export the events in a calendar in android phone to vcs file using code. Or is there any other format that I can export all events in calendar?

How can I do this in android? Thanks

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There is no documented internal calendar API on Android. You'll need to use Google Calendar API.

There is an unofficial, unsupported, not-recommended and non-future-proof way of accessing Calendar app internal database: http://www.developer.com/article.php/3850276

VCS files are in vCalendar format, which is old format. The replacement is iCalendar. This is a simple, one property-per-line format, which is simple to implement.

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Use the Google APIs Client Library for Java to access the user's Google Calendar data. Here is a specific sample from that project for accessing Google Calendar from Android using this library. Here is a conference video describing the use of this library.

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at https://github.com/k3b/CalendarIcsAdapter you find the javasources of an android app that can export a calendar entry to ics (icalendar) fileformat.

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