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I have the following code which works:

foreach ($db in $svr.Databases | 
         where-object {
         $_.name -eq "testDB" 
         -or $_.name -eq "master"
         -or $_.name -eq "model"
         -or $_.name -eq "msdb" } )
  write-output $db.name

Is a cleaner way to do this?

Something like:

foreach ($db in $svr.Databases | 
         where-object {$_.name -in "testDB, master, model, msdb" } )    
  write-output $db.name
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Use the -contains operator. Like:

$dbs = "testDB", "master", "model", "msdb"

foreach ($db in ($svr.Databases | where-object {$dbs -contains $_.name  } )) {
    write-output $db.name

Use help about_Comparison_Operators to learn more about this and other comparison operators.


PowerShell v3 has added the -in operator. The example in the original question will work in v3.

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Aren't you missing a paren there? – Hill Mar 1 at 18:57
Yes, I did miss a paren. Thanks, fixed. – Rynant Mar 1 at 19:28

You can use a regex:

$svr.Databases | where { $_.name -match 'testDB|master|model|msdb' } | foreach { $db.name }
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