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I'm trying to create a Widget in Wordpress, and I'm running into an issue creating a SimpleXMLElement object.

Here is the code:

namespace GenieKnows_Search;  

class GenieKnows_Search_Widget extends \WP_Widget {
     function __construct() {
         parent::__construct('genieknows_search_widget', 'GenieKnows_Search_Widget');

     //Irrelevant Code. Removed for readability. 

    //Return the XML
    function retrieve_gk_xml() {
          $xml = new SimpleXMLElement($this->create_gk_xml(), 0, true); //Line 114
          return $xml->xpath('/feed/results/sponsored/listing');

Here is the error:

PHP Fatal error: Class 'GenieKnows_Search\SimpleXMLElement' not found in /var/www/myticketpick.com/wp-content/plugins/genieknows-search/genieknows_search.php on line 114

It would appear that it's trying to look for the SimpleXML class inside of my GenieKnows_Search namespace, however I'm at a loss as to why.

Any ideas on why this error is occurring, and how I can fix it?

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The fix was that I needed to add a forward slash () in front of SimpleXmlElement:

 $xml = new \SimpleXMLElement($this->create_gk_xml(), 0, true);

As outlined here.

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