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When I search for a function in PHP I just go to php.net and search for the function I am using jQuery but am always looking for functions since I am a beginner in terms of advanced javascript usage. Is there a cool reference page like php has?

I am not only looking for a jQuery documentation but a documentation of all javascript functions and what versions they were added and maybe even a site where I can see what functions exist in which browser..

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edit: also have a look at http://www.gotapi.com/jsdomw3s . It has docs for javascript, jquery, css, html, ruby, php, databases...

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w3schools seems to have a decent general reference for JavaScript. What is more, information on support in IE, Firefox, and Opera (and their respective versions) is available on all of the appropiate pages.

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The jQuery documentation is pretty good.

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If talking about jQuery, visualjquery.com is cool –  Sergej Andrejev Apr 4 '09 at 23:19

DevGuru provides a great core JavaScript Reference, as well as PHP, ASP and other web technologies.

In addition, SitePoint has some great references too, for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Best of all, they have a Firebug plugin (e.g. for Firefox) called CodeBurner that ties these reference tools into Firebug's awesome inspection/debugging.

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Snaapi has a nice overview of Javascript and other languages.

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