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I need a collection that does not allow for duplicates, is sorted, and supports the subList(startIndex, endIndex) method. Does one exist, and if it does, what collection is it?

TreeMap has no duplicates, has sorting, but doesn't have subList(index, index). ArrayList has subList(index, index), but it can contain duplicated values. Are there any options?

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TreeMap is not even a Collection. The closest you'll find is a Set or SortedSet, both of which are a Collection. –  Steve Kuo Aug 24 '11 at 18:52
TreeMap does have two methods subMap(K fromKey, K toKey) which might do what you need, TreeSet does have corresponding subSet() methods. –  rsp Aug 24 '11 at 19:06

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I believe that you're looking for something called an order-statistic tree, which is a balanced binary search tree augmented with extra information so that, in O(log n) time, you can query the element at any index. Because it's a binary search tree, it doesn't allow duplicates, and because you can query for the element at a given position, you can efficiently implement subranges; just hand back a new view of the tree where you keep track of the start and end index, so when iterating over the tree you can span that particular range.

The Java standard libraries do not provide an implementation of this data structure (I actually don't know of any language that does provide it). I managed to find (on Google's cache) this implementation of order statistic trees, which contains two files:

Hope this helps!

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The closest thing that springs to mind is SortedSet.


However, it doesn't let you do sublist(int start, int end). You can do subSet(E start, E end) but it's unclear from your description whether that suits your needs. If you need the concept of actual indexing you probably want a List of some form. If no duplicates is important Set is a good starting point. Any Collection will allow you to sort based on a Comparator<E> so that criteria is less important -- just make sure to sort before access.

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With indexed-tree-map you could do this:

SortedSet range = indexedTreeSet.subSet(
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