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Suppose you have a test directory that contains packages each of which contains jUnit tests.

In this setup, using ANT, how would you "run all tests?"

Assuming my jUnit has

<target name="test" depends="compileTest">
    <junit fork="yes" printsummary="yes" haltonfailure="no">

        <classpath location="${bin}" />

        <formatter type="plain" />
        <test name="_com.??.project.alltests.MyTests" />


Where, MyTests has

@Suite.SuiteClasses( { _ThisTest.class, _ThatTest.class })
public class OCTTests {


and _ThisTest itself contains some tests ..

Is it possible for the purposes of ANT script to avoid this ans simply say "Run all Tests you find in this directory"

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Have a look at the nested batchtest element of the junit task. You will find the following example on the junit task documentation page:

<junit printsummary="yes" haltonfailure="yes">
    <pathelement location="${build.tests}"/>
    <pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>

  <formatter type="plain"/>

  <test name="my.test.TestCase" haltonfailure="no" outfile="result">
    <formatter type="xml"/>

  <batchtest fork="yes" todir="${reports.tests}">
    <fileset dir="${src.tests}">
      <include name="**/*Test*.java"/>
      <exclude name="**/"/>
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