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I want to be able to have a pubsub mechanism similar to found in jQuery's custom events and PubSubJS (http://github.com/mroderick/PubSubJS).

The problem is that each one of these pubsub libraries does an exact match on the subject. IO want to be able to publish a subject like:


And have a listen subscribe to either:


Does anyone know of anything like this for JS?

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Just modify the one you like. Fork it on github, go open pubsub.js and do something like:

var deliverMessage = function(){
    var subscribers = [];

    for(var n in messages){
        if( new RegExp('^' + n + '$').test( message ) ){
            subscribers = subscribers.concat( messages[n] );

You'll probably need to modify that a bit, do something like replace all *'s with .* or [^\/]* before converting to a regex, etc...

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This approach makes sense and is one that I considered, but I wonder if there is a way of doing it more efficiently. Depending on the number of subscribers there are this could be really inefficient. I was hoping that if there was already a solution they had solved this inefficiency. –  vdh_ant Aug 25 '11 at 13:54

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