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Is it possible to read Facebook's wall posts from a console app using facebooksdk on codeplex? I need to read the posts on Microsoft's facebook wall.

Thank you

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Easiest path: https://graph.facebook.com/microsoft/feed?access_token={appID}|{appSecret}. Additionally, if you have a user's access token there, it'll work as well. Since this data is public, we only need to know what app is accessing it, so either kind of token will work.

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I'm not familiar with the facebooksdk on codeplex, but I assume it can help you generate access tokens. Once you have an access token, simply curl https://graph.facebook.com/microsoft/feed?access_token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN to get the wall of the page.

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How can I get the access token? – Mike Aug 24 '11 at 19:09
how long does access token live for? – Mike Aug 24 '11 at 19:22

You can directly hit up https://graph.facebook.com/microsoft/posts to read their wall posts

Check out the graph API explorer https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer to play around with what is exposed in the facebook api

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If you're just accessing this one fan page, you have the options of using Facebook PowerShell Module, this is

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-FBAssociation -id 20528438720 -type Statuses

id           : 10150289130443721
message      : Friday Question: How will you be spending your last few weeks of summer?
likes        : {@{id=167736043271797; name=Microsoft Tag Master}, @{id=100001944243060; name=Rahul Bhatt}, @{id=1520665678; name=Khair Eddin Réguiég}, @{id=100001258437657
               ; name=Ritesh Raj}...}
comments     : {@{id=10150289130443721_18321628; message=planking; likes=3; from=; created_time=2011-08-26T16:47:05+0000}, @{id=10150289130443721_18321629; message=Hooking
                up with girls!; likes=2; from=; created_time=2011-08-26T16:47:07+0000}, @{id=10150289130443721_18321630; message=looking for a new laptop!; likes=1; from=;
                created_time=2011-08-26T16:47:07+0000}, @{id=10150289130443721_18321634; message=PLAYING MY XBOXXXX; likes=2; from=; created_time=2011-08-26T16:47:18+0000}
from         : @{id=20528438720; name=Microsoft; category=Company}
updated_time : 2011-08-26T16:46:50+0000

id           : 10150286459498721
message      : Trivia Tuesday: What keyboard shortcut is also known as “the three-finger salute”?
likes        : {@{id=100002695750862; name=Animalman Smooth}, @{id=100002727450944; name=Sébastien Popczyk}, @{id=100002706279284; name=Barbados Mayne}, @{id=1000001456612
               54; name=Aman Goyal}...}
comments     : {@{id=10150286459498721_18256946; message=ctrl-alt-delete; likes=2; from=; created_time=2011-08-23T14:06:08+0000}, @{id=10150286459498721_18256947; message=
               - -; from=; created_time=2011-08-23T14:06:12+0000}, @{id=10150286459498721_18256951; message=control/alt/delete?; from=; created_time=2011-08-23T14:06:15+00
               00}, @{id=10150286459498721_18256955; message=i dont knw; from=; created_time=2011-08-23T14:06:21+0000}...}
from         : @{id=20528438720; name=Microsoft; category=Company}
updated_time : 2011-08-23T14:05:57+0000

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