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So Ive been following this guide to making a status feed based on what members youre following (also in the guide) but Im getting a undefined method error on "join" which I dont see in the code.

This is whats in my model (or what would be my microposts model)

          #def self.from_members_followed_by(member)
          #  where(:member_id => member.following.push(member))

          default_scope :order => 'tattoos.created_at DESC'
- Error 2-  scope :from_members_followed_by, lambda { |member| followed_by(member) }


            def self.followed_by(member)
              following_ids = %(SELECT followed_id FROM relationships WHERE follower_id = :member_id)
-Error 1 -     where("member_id IN (#{following_ids}) OR member_id = :member_id", { :member_id => member })

          def feed
- Error 3-   Tattoo.from_members_followed_by(self)

I guess the scope :from_members_followed_by replaces the commented out function which is why i commented it out.

The stack trace has the error at:

    app/models/tattoo.rb:50:in `followed_by' - Error 1
    app/models/tattoo.rb:43:in `block in <class:Tattoo>' - Error 2
    app/models/member.rb:90:in `feed' - Error 3
    app/controllers/members_controller.rb:15:in `home'
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Do you have a stack trace where the error occurred? – tadman Aug 24 '11 at 19:54
I just added it and marked the error lines – rugbert Aug 24 '11 at 20:20
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Ha! I think I got it.

First up: there is no need for the extra scope that just calls the followed_by function. Secondly: the parameter to your scope should be a, and you throw in the complete member.

You can fix this in two ways. Either, in member.rb

def feed

or, in tattoo.rb write:

def self.followed_by(member)
  following_ids = %(SELECT followed_id FROM relationships WHERE follower_id = :member_id)
  where("member_id IN (#{following_ids}) OR member_id = :member_id", { :member_id => })

Hope this helps.

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Looks like that did it! thanks buddy! – rugbert Aug 25 '11 at 2:05

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