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So I have a side menu made of divs containing some text and a link.

When I roll over the div I fade in an image.

When I roll over the a tag link in that div it repeats that same function and creates another fade in of the same image witch looks real buggy.

How can I prevent the link a tag to repeat the function

I tried to create a variable set to true on roll over the link and a if inside the fade in method but with no success?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


  jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
              var num = 0;
              var numtot = 4;
              var delai = null;
              var stop_x=0;
              var numCur=0;
              var thisIs = 0;
              var delayRoll = 0;
              var count = null;
              var overlink = false;

//on ini


 $j(document).ready(function() {

          function start() {
              delai=setInterval(test, 5000);
              console.log(">> start interval");//>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trace;


          numtot = ($j("#news dl dt").size())-1;


            function fistImage(){


            $j("#news dl dd").fadeOut();
            $j("#news dl dt").removeClass('current');

            console.log("num on test: " + num);//>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trace;
            console.log("numCur on test: " + numCur);//>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trace;

            //console.log("current is"+ );//>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trace;

            $j("#news dl dt").eq(num).addClass('current');      
            $j("#news dl dt").eq(num).next('dd').fadeIn(500);
            if (num>=numtot) {num = 0;} else {num ++;}; 




              ////////--------//////// NEXT IMAGE METHOD
              function nextImage(){

                  if( overlink == false || overlink == true){

console.log("delayRoll image: " + delayRoll);//>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trace;
$j("#news dl dd").fadeOut();
$j("#news dl dt").removeClass('current');

var new_pos=$j(thisIs).attr('id').substring(4, 5);

          if (numtot==new_pos) {new_pos = 0;} 
              num = new_pos;
          numtot = ($j("#news dl dt").size())-1;



   function test() {
          //console.log("num on test: " + num);//>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trace;






      delai=setInterval(test, 5000);


    //-- OVERLAY//
  $j(".overlay").mouseover(function() {

              }).mouseout( function (){



  $j("#news dl dt").mouseover(function() {
                thisIs = $j(this);


   $j("#news dl dt").mouseout(function() {

  $("#news dl dt a").live("mouseover mouseout", function() {
// alert(this.href); 
  //return false;

                                  })//close duc ready

and here the html

<div id="news" class="slideshow">

              <dt id="pos_1">08/16/11<br /><br />Holy Cross to Welcome Class of 2015 on Aug. 27<br />
      <a class="more" href="blog/2011/08/16/holy-cross-to-welcome-class-of-2015-on-aug-27/index.html">See more &gt;</a>
  <div class="overlay">
  <p>Holy Cross to Welcome Class of 2015 on Aug. 27                     <span class="nav">
                                                                                                                                                                                                      <img src="wp-content/themes/marsten/images/ico_more_white.png" width="14" height="14" alt="" />

<div id="disLink"><span><a class="more" href="blog/2011/08/16/holy-cross-to-welcome-class-of-2015-on-aug-27/index.html" >See more &gt;</a></span></div>

  <div id="boxit"><p class="author">by <a href="blog/2011/08/16/holy-cross-to-welcome-class-of-2015-on-aug-27/index.html"></a>
  <a href="blog/author/nmarkant/index.html" title="Posts by Nikolas Markantonatos">Nikolas Markantonatos</a></p></div>
  <img alt="" src="wp-content/uploads/2011/08/gate2.jpg" width="612" height="451" />
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any piece of code to share ? –  VirtualTroll Aug 24 '11 at 19:52
Please provide the Javascript code you are using and enough of the HTML to see what it's operating upon. –  Conspicuous Compiler Aug 24 '11 at 19:53

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Trying doing a event.stopPropagation during the hover over after you fade in...

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