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Maybe it's one of those code 18,

but when I run rake -T on my Rakefile, the long descriptions of my tasks are always cut. Is there any way to display the full description without having to make the desc shorter?


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The format is slightly different (description starts on the next line instead of as a comment on the current line), but this will give you the full descriptions:

rake -D

Also, if you really want the other format, you can pipe the output to cat instead:

rake -T | cat
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Thank you very much. I never saw that -D in --help... and I really like the cat command. I use git bash on windows so i'm not that familiar with all the combos... – jfabre Aug 24 '11 at 21:03

-D, --describe [PATTERN] Describe the tasks (matching optional PATTERN), then exit.

rake -D

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Thanks you answer is good but the other one is a bit more complete... Normally I would have accepted it. I just can't accept both and had to make a choice. – jfabre Aug 24 '11 at 21:03

Three solutions:

1) You may define your own '-T'

task :longT do
  app = Rake.application
    puts "%-20s  # %s" % [, task.comment] if task.comment

2) fool, there is no tty:

Rake.application.tty_output= false    

3) Modify a rake command

module Rake
  class Application
    def truncate_output?
      #tty_output? || ENV['RAKE_COLUMNS']

I would recommend version 2)

(Tested with rake-0.8.7)

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There's an environment variable you can set:

export RAKE_COLUMNS=200
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