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I am trying to create a bounding box around a feature in a binary image using OpenCV. I've read that if I create a CvRect object by passing a CvMat object as an argument to cvBoundingRect(), I can obtain the bounding box I seek. My problem is how do I create the CvMat from an IplImage. The line I'd like to use is:

CvMat *imageMatrix = cvCreateMat(int rows, int cols, int type);

but clearly that doesn't accept an IplImage as an input. Is there another way of creating a CvMat from an IplImage?

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I think you are searching for cvGetMat function.

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cvBoundingRect dose not take a image as parameter but a point set. It seems you should firstly generate a point set from your image and then call cvBoundingRect.

To get CvMat header from a IplImage, you can do as Kamaev has answered.

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