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The JSON in question is being read in from a RESTful service, and I would like to print it out (to console, although in .gsp would be fine also) for debugging purposes. Groovy 1.3.7 (current as of August 2011) uses Groovy 1.7.8 (which does not have the JsonOutput introduced in 1.8)

Note I am currently reading it in like this, which I am not convinced is the 'grooviest or grail-est' way to do it - perhaps I could take advantage of the converters and pretty printing if done differently? Code sample would be appreciated.

   def serviceURL = new URL(theURL)
   def json = new JSONObject(serviceURL.text)
   println json
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You can pretty print JSON with the toString(int indentFactor) method. Example:

def json = new JSONObject()
json.put('foo', 'bar')
json.put('blat', 'greep')
println json
println json.toString(4)
    "foo": "bar",
    "blat": "greep"
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Wow, thanks, simple. –  Pete Aug 24 '11 at 22:03

You can use grails.converters.JSON (which is the most commonly used library for JSON):

In your config.groovy file, add the line to set prettyPrint to true:


Then, in your controller:

import grails.converters.*

def serviceURL = new URL(theURL)
def json = JSON.parse(serviceURL.text)
println "JSON RESPONSE: ${json.toString()"
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If you're in a Grails controller and plan to render the json, then you use something like this (using Grails 2.3.5):

public prettyJson() {
    JSON json = ['status': 'OK'] as JSON
    json.prettyPrint = true
    json.render response

I found that solution here: http://www.intelligrape.com/blog/2012/07/16/rendering-json-with-formatting/

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