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I'm using Netbeans to compile and sign all my jars, all with the same certificate. However, when I run Webstart with Sun Java SE 6, I get the error Found unsigned entry in resource .. .jar.

I messed around with adding and removing jars, etc, but no luck.

As far as I know the keystore is in the build directory and gets created on every clean and build.

It gives this error not for one jar, but multiple (switching orders of jars led me to believe this).

I'm using Netbeans 7. I booted Windows this morning and got the error, which I didn't have yesterdag or before.

I'm pulling my hair out, Webstart and the like is driving me crazy! Any help would be really appreciated.

Edit: The manifest files all look alright btw.

Edit: The jnlp looks fine as well, and didnt change any from before it broke.

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Enabling JAR caching should fix the problem. It's a common bug that exists in Java for years. For details, see my blogpost: https://www.nowaker.net/post/found-unsigned-entry-in-resource-java-web-start.html

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I restarted the pc again and it works again. Must've been something weird with the Java JRE or something...

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