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I am dumb founded at this statement....maybe its just too many hours/days of doing C# to VB.Net conversion but i am drawing a blank on this conversion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

List<string> sColors = new List<string>(this.CustomPaletteValues.Split(','));
try {
   List<Color> colors = sColors.ConvertAll<Color>(s => (Color)(new ColorConverter().ConvertFromString(s)));    

What i have so far:

Dim colors As List(Of Color) = sColors.ConvertAll(Of Color)(....)

As you can see its the content of the lambda that i am hitting a brick wall with.

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Pardon the line breaks, but I believe this is what you want.

Dim colors As List(Of Color) = sColors.ConvertAll(Of Color)(
    Function(s) DirectCast((New ColorConverter).ConvertFromString(s), Color)
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thank you....found this kewl tool link Developer Fusion Toolbox –  GoldBishop Aug 24 '11 at 22:24
sColors.ConvertAll(Of Color)(Function(s) DirectCast(((New ColorConverter).ConvertFromString(s)), Color));
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You can write it in a far more shorter way with implicit typing:

    Dim colors = sColors.ConvertAll(Of Color)(
        Function(s) (New ColorConverter).ConvertFromString(s))
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