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I have a loop that uses the foreach keyword:

foreach ($ln in Get-Content "c:\ATextFile.txt" )

Is it possible to find out the array index referred to by $ln during the iteration? Or do I need to create and increment a separate counting variable for each loop iteration?

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Yes, either use a for loop (something like (gc c:\ATextFile.txt).count would be the upper limit ) or an external counter.

Related answer ( for C#, but basically both use the same enumerable concepts): (C#) Get index of current foreach iteration

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Thanks much-- appreciate it. –  larryq Aug 25 '11 at 14:43

Get-Content also add a ReadCount NoteProperty with the current line number.

Get-Content foo.txt  | foreach { '{0} {1}' -f $_.ReadCount, $_ }
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