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Is it still a best practice to use the LowProfileImageLoader in Mango?

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Not sure about best practice but using the BackgroundCreation image options it looks like this can be built more simply in 7.1 SDK. –  Paul Annetts Aug 28 '11 at 12:56

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I would recommend you read this article, and judge yourself: Off-thread decoding of images on Mango, how it impacts your application ?.

My personal experience says that the BackgroundCreation option is still doing way more work on the UI thread than the LowProfileImageLoader. I have some projects where it's still necessary.

Specially in combination with the LongListSelector (from the Silverlight Toolkit) and it's custom way of doing virtualization, I find the LowProfileImageLoader much needed to avoid having a second-second UI lock in one of my applications.

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