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Possible Duplicate:
How to build .apk file?

Please guide how to make .apk file . I have a knowledge that it is in bin directory and before it was working fine . Now when my application is completed and trying to make .apk file its just coming with 0.97 mb although there are many images in it .when i try to install on phone its says file not supported but directly from eclipse its get installed and work fine .my bin folder contain .dex and resource.ap_ also . Do i need to make them also . I have tried with export but it was also giving same error on the phone . please help .

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Please check this link, best answer is here - stackoverflow.com/questions/23755447/… – Rohit Suthar May 20 '14 at 9:43

If you're using Eclipse, right-click on the project in Package Explorer, then under "Android Tools" choose "Export signed application package". There will be some UI regarding signing key generation/choice, you'll get a chance to provide file name, and then you'll get your APK where you want it.

If you're not using Eclipse, why not?

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If Eclipse isn't building a valid .apk file, try fixing the project properties. In the Package Explorer, right click on the project name, then select Android Tools > Fix Project Properties.

Be aware that the .apk file generated in the bin/ directory is signed by a built-in debug signing certificate. This is okay for use in the emulator or in a device dedicated to testing, but for production use, you should sign the .apk with your own certificate. You do this by exporting the .apk as described by Seva. See the guide topic on this subject for details.

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