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I want to add a legend item with a dash (-) to denote some series in my chart. The default shape provided are only Plot.DEFAULT_LEGEND_ITEM_CIRCLE and Plot.DEFAULT_LEGEND_ITEM_BOX. Is there something like Plot.DEFAULT_LEGEND_ITEM_LINE ? How to create one ?

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You can create your own legend item source. Assuming you have a collection of elements corresponding to the legends you want to display called legendKeys:

class LineLegendItemSource implements LegendItemSource {
    public LegendItemCollection getLegendItems() {
     LegendItemCollection itemCollection = new LegendItemCollection();
     for (Comparable comparable : legendKeys) {
        Paint paint = // get the paint you want
        LegendItem item = new LegendItem("string to display", 
                                         new Line2D.Double(0, 5, 10, 5), paint);
     return itemCollection; 

Then you need to remove the old legends from the chart, and add the new:

JFreeChart chart = // your chart 
LegendTitle legend = new LegendTitle(new LineLegendItemSource());

As you can see the LegendItem constructor takes a shape, so you can basically draw whatever you want in there.

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