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Instead of adding teams one-by-one, I'm trying to create a form to enter a bunch of comma-separated team names all at once. In my routes.rb, I have

map.connect '/teams/massentry', :controller => 'teams', :action => 'massentry'
map.resources :teams

In teams_controller.rb, I have

def massentry
  @team =

That's not what that will look like when I'm done. I just stuck it in there so there would be something. Finally, I have /views/teams/massentry.html.erb

<% form_tag({:controller => "teams", :action => "massentry"}, :method => 'get') do %>
    <%= label_tag(:t, "CSV List of Teams" %>
    <%= text_area_tag(:t, "", :size => "24x6") %>
  <p><%= submit_tag("Submit") %></p>
<% end %>

I don't know if that form is right and obviously don't have any of the logic written, but I just wanted to see what it looks like. If I go to


It returns Couldn't find team with id=massentry. It's executing the show method, but I thought if I put the map.connect before the resource line in routes.rb it would redirect. Using rails 2.3.8

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Rails routes are evaluated in the order they appear. So you can either leave it the way you just described (your custom route first) or you can do it in a RESTful way like @numbers1311407 said. Also, it makes more sense to use :post instead of :get.

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Try it like this:

map.resources :teams, :collection => { :massentry => :get }
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I get the same result replacing my two lines in routes.rb with the line above. I also tried :post instead of :get. The thing that shows what the server is doing starts with "Processing TeamsController#show", so it appears to be not getting the map line. – Dick Kusleika Sep 1 '11 at 0:12

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