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Hye everyone!! I'm new to Java . I hope you can help me to solve this problem and I think this was a silly question but I stack and cannot think how to solve this..

How to call double d0 from loop if at void main?

public class Dist
    public static void main(String[] args)
        Point []pt=new Point [4];

        for(int i = 0 ;i < pt.length ; i ++){
                 pt[i] = new Point();

             pt[0].x=40; pt[0].y=40;
             pt[1].x=40; pt[1].y=39;
             pt[2].x=39; pt[2].y=40;
    //  pt[3].x=26; pt[3].y=36;

             int N=4;

             for (int n=0;n<N-2;n++){
                 int ux=pt[n].x-pt[n+1].x;
                 int uy=pt[n].y-pt[n+1].y;
                 int vx=pt[n+1].x-pt[n+2].x;
                 int vy=pt[n+1].y-pt[n+2].y;
                 int wx=pt[n].x-pt[n+2].x;
                 int wy=pt[n].y-pt[n+2].y;
                 int zx=ux-vx;
                 int zy=uy-vy;

                 int a=(ux*ux)+(uy*uy);
                 int b=(ux*vx)+(uy*vy);
                 int c=(vx*vx)+(vy*vy);
                 int d=(ux*wx)+(uy*wy);
                 int e=(vx*wx)+(vy*wy);
                 double dmin;

                 if(a==0||c==0||e==0) {


                 int f = (a * c) - (b * b);

                 if(f <= 0){
                     int tc = d / b;
                     int d0x=wx+(tc*vx);
                     int d0y=wy+(tc*vy);

                     double d0=Math.sqrt((d0x*d0x)+(d0y*d0y));

                 int s=(b*e)-(c*d);
                 int t=(a*e)-(b*d);

                 int d1x=wx+(s*ux)-(t*vx);
                 int d1y=wy+(s*uy)-(t*vy);

                 double d1=Math.sqrt((d1x*d1x)+(d1y*d1y));

                 double h=Math.pow((ux-vx),2);
                 double j=Math.pow((uy-vy),2);
                 double k=h+j;

                 int tx=-wx*(ux-vx);
                 int ty=-wy*(uy-vy);
                 double ts=(tx+ty)/k;

                 double d2x=wx+(ts*(ux-vx));
                 double d2y=wy+(ts*(uy-vy));

                 double d2=Math.sqrt((d2x*d2x)+(d2y*d2y));


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I'm afraid that I have no idea what you're talking about. – Gabe Aug 25 '11 at 2:45

Your question is a bit unclear, but maybe the problem is that you are declaring d0 inside of an if block. It will not be visible outside of that block. Try declaring it somewhere else.

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tq! now i can solve – yana819 Aug 25 '11 at 3:13

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