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Is there a way I can find all the variables in Ruby that begin with a particular string? For example, I have the following variables in my ruby program:

ret_d = 1
ret_d2 = 23

Is there a function that will return ["ret_d","ret_d2"]? The problem is that I do not have the set of all variables.

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Kernel#local_variables should do the trick.

>> ret_d = 1
=> 1
>> ret_d2 = 23
=> 23
>> local_variables
=> ["_", "ret_d", "ret_d2"]
>> local_variables.select{|v|v=~/^ret_/}
=> ["ret_d", "ret_d2"]
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If they're local variables, you could use local_variables. However, this sounds like a poor man's array. You might consider using an actual Array.

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Awesome. Thanks. –  tom hanky Apr 5 '09 at 6:21

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