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so I'm trying to get root access on my Android in order to use Barnacle. But I keep getting the same error, over and over:

$ adb shell
$ rootshell
rootshell: permission denied

What is the deal with this? I mean, seems logical that I need some permissions to access rootshell, but I can't seem to find any way around it.

Anybody knows how?

Is there any other way to get root access to your phone? (An easy way, hopefully)


I will clarify the question.

Unix and Linux systems let you retrieve / change lost passwords for root user. Considering this:

  • Is there an easy way to root an Android device using the terminal on my Mac OS X? My device is an Xperia X10 mini pro.
  • Or, does anybody know why I get that permission denied error using adb and rootshell in the first place? It's supposed to work, as stated here?



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I'm not sure how much of a question this is or not or whether it is appropriate for StackExchange, but I'm gonna answer it anyway. I don't have enough rep to do anything else about the anyway :D

When you are trying to root any android phone in general, you need to run a program that gives you root access. You can't just simply say "adb give-me-root-permissions-please". :) But yeah, Google is your friend in this case. Apparently your phone the Sony Xperia needs a very specific rooting process that is enumerated here:

I would recommend asking this kind of question THERE on XDA because that site is dedicated to questions like this. This site is for programming questions and the like :)

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Thanks, Bob. I posted the question in SOF because I've looked everywhere for a Mac solution --every workaround demands the use of a PC. Now that you mention it, I see how it could come up as a costumer service kind of question, but it's really about using the android sdk. (Great link, btw. Probably will get my answer there.) – misterte Aug 25 '11 at 5:49

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