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I have a super class with a signature like

public abstract class Foo<C extends Comparable<? super C>>{..}

So the C class is supposed to be a Comparable object.

I want to use org.joda.time.Instant (version 1.6) as the type parameter in a subclass

public class SubFoo<Instant>

unfortunately i get this error:

Bound mismatch: The type Instant is not a valid substitute for the bounded parameter <C extends Comparable<? super C>> of the type BigtablePoller<T,C>

The Instant class extends AbstractInstant which implements Comparable (no type parameters)

Is there any way around this issue?

The only way i have been able to make it work is to change Foo to:

public abstract class Foo<C extends Comparable> {}

I would like to avoid the warning and Josh Bloch says not to use raw types in new code (effective java Item 23).

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Just use this:

public abstract class Foo<C extends Comparable<C>>

The reason your version doesn't work is that Instant is defined as extends Comparable<Instant> not extends Comparable<? super Instant>. If you use bounding, the bounding has to match too.

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Unfortunately that doesn't work either. The only thing i have been able to make work is <C extends Comparable>, but then i need to suppress warnings... –  luke Aug 25 '11 at 14:14
<C extends Comparable<? super C>> is much better than <C extends Comparable<C>> "Instant is defined as extends Comparable<Instant>" Not it is not; see the OP's post: Instant extends AbstractInstant which implements Comparable. If this were made generic, it would likely implement Comparable<AbstractInstant>, and therefore not compatible with Comparable<Instant>, but would be compatible with Comparable<? super Instant> –  newacct Aug 26 '11 at 9:11
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Joda time 1.6 doesn't support Generics so there are three options.

  1. Create a wrapper class that implements the correct interface and use that.
  2. Suppress Warnings on the super class and deal with the uglyness
  3. upgrade to joda time 2.0 which supports the generic comparable interface on Instant.
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