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I'm developing a GWT application. I need to embed a YouTube video in my application.
I've tried BST player API but I wasn't successful in bringing up the video on the player.
I've downloaded BST Player.jar and added it to my buildpath, then inherited the following jars in gwtapp.gwt.xml:

**inherits name ='com.bramosystems.oss.player.core.Core'**
**inherits name ='com.bramosystems.oss.player.youtube.YouTube'**

Then I tried the example given on BST page:

simplePanel = new SimplePanel();
simplePanel.setSize("", "");
try {
    // create the player, specifing URL of media
    player = new ChromelessPlayer("http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3CZFfyed3M", "80%", "350px");
    CustomPlayerControl cpc = new CustomPlayerControl(player);
    FlowPanel fp = new FlowPanel();
    simplePanel.setWidget(fp); // add player and custom control to panel.
} catch (PluginVersionException e) {
    // required Flash plugin version is not available,
    // alert user possibly providing a link to the plugin download page.
    simplePanel.setWidget(new HTML(".. some nice message telling the " + "user to download plugin first .."));
} catch(PluginNotFoundException e) {
    // required Flash plugin not found, display a friendly notice.

I could see the panel with the YouTube player but I couldn't see the video loading nor playing. I've tried player.playMedia() and it was of no help. Any ideas of how to proceed and make the video work?

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You probably need to be passing this URL instead:

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awesome! Thanks. –  Ashok Aug 25 '11 at 21:29

I found a way to embed youtube videos in a GWT vithout using any external library. Integration level is very simple so you can not make any advanced use. Here it is the code fragment of a UIBinder template and its corresponding class:

Using and HTMLPanel put an object element like this:


       <object ui:field="videoElement"
               width="640" height="480" data="">


ObjectElement videoElement;


public void displayVideo(String videoId) {
       String videoUrl = "http://www.youtube.com/v/".concat(videoId);
       videoElement.setData(videoUrl);  //change data attribute of object element
       String innerHtml = "<param name=\"movie\" value=\""+ videoUrl +"\" />";
       //add param element, of course yo can add as many param elements as needed to customize

To make it work I needed to put this video view inside a Panel and whenever I wanted to view / update the video clear the panel and add the video view again.

Hope this helps

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I have created this GWT wrapper on top of YouTubes Iframe api library. Which makes it easier to use YouTube api inside gwt check https://github.com/pandurangpatil/gwt-youtube

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