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Just installed OS X Server for Lion. I'd heard that the default database is now Postres - which is good news. Bad news - I can't connect to it.

I've tried using psql, createdb and Navicat, and all return the same thing: "Could not connect to server: Permission denied." This is using the _postgres role and using my own role which I've added as a superuser to postgres.

The weird thing is, phpPgAdmin has no trouble at all in connecting. Neither do I when I'm running as root and use psql -U. But if I just straight up pqsl postgres or createdb whatever then it flat-out refuses to work.

Here's a summary:

gormster$ psql postgres           # permission denied
gormster$ createdb whatever       # permission denied
gormster$ sudo psql postgres      # role "root" does not exist
gormster$ sudo su -
root# psql postgres               # role "root" does not exist
root# psql -Ugormster postgres    # THIS WORKS

What is going on?

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Nevermind, it magically started working again. Not sure what it is I did to get it to happen, but it may have been adding myself to the _postgres group. If you're unaware, there are instructions for adding yourself to a group here.

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