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In my mvc3 application i have created two partial views for two different action that is, partialviewresult setcomment and partialviewresult getcomment

i have created partial view using create a strongly type view and different scaffold template for _setcomment i am using create template and for _getcomment i am using List template.

Now i want to call both _setcomment and _getcomment partial view in one view.

in my view file .cshtml

_setcomment - 
            @model <NAMESPACE>.<MODELNAME>
            <some code>
_getcomment - 
            @model IEnumerable<<NAMESPACE>.<MODELNAME>>
            <some code>

how can i call diiferent partial view in one view? any suggestions?

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2 Answers 2

There are different ways to do it.

If you already have the model class data in the Main view you can use like In the main view call


If you do not have the model class data in the mail view then you can call the action on the controller and from there return the partial view.


In the Controller class

PartialResult Action1()
 model = new ModelClass();
 return PartialView(model);

Hope this helps.

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The answer to your question is to use the following within a single view:

@{ Html.RenderAction("ActionName", "ControlerName"); }
@{ Html.RenderAction("ActionName2", "ControlerName2"); }

This would do what you are trying to achieve, however, I think there is a problem with design. What are you trying to achieve?

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