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What is the difference between below two methods, both are meant for mapping through Interface builder

- (void) showNYTimes:(id)sender
- (IBAction) showNYTimes:(id)sender

Both are working perfectly for my requirement, I am able to map both ways on IB. But which one to opt, is IBAction meant for only readability of code?


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IBAction is #defined as void, so as far as Objective C is concerned they're the same; it's meant to be a signal to Interface Builder that this particular method is available to be hooked up to a view. "IBAction - Type qualifier used by Interface Builder to synchronize actions added programmatically with its internal list of action methods defined for a project."

So it's more than just readability; it's a declaration that's meaningful to IB. I'm not sure how you were able to map your (void) method in Interface Builder, though. Only (IBAction) methods have the little circle in the gutter for me.

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