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I have to work on a Drupal project to create user profile for some specific users on the website with some special fields. They can be a different role. Main idea is to search. User profile must be searchable with provided criteria.

I have two options, 1- Using node with (content_profile) 2. Create my own form and tables.

One my question is, is it possible to create a separate search machanism for custom created database? and is there a way to cache search result? or should I use node based? please advice some one with idea on this..


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@JackBonneman Ha, you seem to be on a roll with "Drupal" spelling errors; I had no idea people had such trouble typing that! – Jason C Feb 24 '14 at 21:41
@JasonC Ha I know, it surprised me how many times it gets misspelled specifically as "druapl", which seems a particularly awkward misspelling to me. – Jack Bonneman Feb 24 '14 at 21:44

Yes it is possible to create a search mechanism using views and exposing the custom table to views via the api (there is a blog post here: and there is more info using the advanced help module ( (install and look through the views documetation), then you could also use the Views caching.

A custom table and fields would be my preferred method if you have a lot of users as the profile tables can get pretty big (this may not be an issue for you), or you could use the content profile module and possibly save yourself some work!

If you wanted to perform a complete custom search not using views you'd probably need to implement that and the caching yourself if you went the custom field/table route, but you'd gain a lot of flexibility.

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