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Is it possible to validate each element of a collection, based one or more delegate validation rules? For example:

@EachElement({@Min(1), @Max(12)})
private Set<Integer> monthNumbers;
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Take a look at validator-collection, with this library is very easy to use any Constraint Annotation on a collection of simple types.

private Set<Integer> monthNumbers;

Also see http://stackoverflow.com/a/16023061/2217862.

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Have a look at this answer: Hibernate Validation of Collections of Primitives. That describes a solution which work for you but it is pretty complex. A simpler solution might be to implement a wrapper class for your Integer and declare @Min and @Max in that class. Than you can use

private Set<MyIntegerWrapper> monthNumbers;

class MyIntegerWrapper:

class MyIntegerWrapper
   Integer myInteger;

Here you find some documentation for @Valid: Object graphs

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