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In my application i have used WebDataGrid infragistic control. I have total 5 columns(Status,CandidateName,WorkOrderId,VenderName,Rate) in this grid. I needed to apply filter on 2 columns only i.e; Status and CandidateName. I have explicity write code to set filter only in 2 columns. below is my code. But, the problem is, Filter is applying on all the 5 columns regardless of setting filter explicitly.

                        <ig:ColumnFilter ColumnKey="Status">
                                    <ig:RuleTextNode Rule="Contains" />
                         <ig:ColumnFilter ColumnKey="CandidateName">
                                    <ig:RuleTextNode Rule="Contains" />

Please any one can tell me how to apply filter only on specific columns defined explicitly.

Thanks in Advance !!!!

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You should be able to disable the other columns by setting Enabled=false as follows:

            <ig:ColumnFilteringSetting ColumnKey="WorkOrderId" Enabled="false" />
            <ig:ColumnFilteringSetting ColumnKey="VenderName" Enabled="false" />
            <ig:ColumnFilteringSetting ColumnKey="Rate" Enabled="false" />
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