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It seems like after calling both result is the same.

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you should be able to find your answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/5290152/… –  Fischer Aug 25 '11 at 8:52

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The show/hide methods animates width, height and opacity, while slideUp/sideDown only animates the height.

The default duration of show/hide is zero, so if you don't specify a duartion it will show/hide the element immediately.

If you are not seeing any difference between the methods, then they are most likely not working propery with the element that you apply them to. A common reason for that is that you are testing in Internet Explorer, and the element doesn't have the layout flag. If you for example try to animate a table cell, the style changes that the animation does on the element won't apply, and you will just see that the element is shown/hidden.

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jQuery's hide method will simply apply display: none to the selected element(s), unless a duration is provided - then it will animate. The slide methods are members of the effects queue, they will hide/show the element(s) in a sliding motion.

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slideDown() and slideUp() animates the hiding/showing.

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hide() instantly hides the div.

while slidetoggle(), slidedown() & slideup() do the same with some animation effects. there is some sliding effects in these functions. thats the difference.

nothing else.

Hope this helps.

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hide() simply sets the display: none CSS attribute unless you specify a duration. If you do so, it will fade out.

slideUp() is always animated.

The same applies for show() and slideDown().

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The only diffrence that exists between hide() and slideup () /slidedown() is the animation. Slide up/down will simply slide and hide will simply hide. The two methods can be used with a duration / easing option. for more information http://api.jquery.com/hide/ and http://api.jquery.com/slideUp/

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