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I am working on app which have data entry form which have

  1. Some fields with 3 drop down associated to it.
  2. More then 25 input fields (input box, radio button, drop downs etc)
  3. All input fields are grouped into 3 categories

My question are:

  1. How to display field with 3 drop downs associated with it ? Because of a small screen size it cannot be displayed horizontally.
  2. What is the best way to represent 25+ fields ? I tried scroll view and tabs but don't find it so pleasing.
    For example if you consider date then it may have three drop downs for date , month and year. (Its just example I have fields different than date)
  3. What is the good way to have fields in a category together with appealing UI.

PS: My app is related to Hospital so it has to be pleasant .Which also means I cannot use glossy background or image.

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You might want to check this site for general Android UI design ideas. Here are some for your particular cases:

  • re-design your UI to only show what is needed. It's unlikely that all 25 fields are used all of the time. Consider separate screens for different use cases, and/or some sort of wizard-like UI (fill in the basics, press next, fill in details, etc.)
  • if you really need to display all of this, consider using a tablet, not a phone to run the app (assuming this is to be used in the field, and you have some control over devices).
  • instead of tabs, you might want to try something like ViewPager. It doesn't take as much space as tabs, and the number of views is practically unlimited.
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Thanks for the link.The app is mainly designed for mobile devices so I have to find some workarund. – xyz Aug 25 '11 at 10:04

Maybe like this...

You can use the library QuickAction which allows to create some kind of context menu.

To keep a simple screen view, you can only display the current values. Several on the same lines for the same category. Then, if the user click on a value or category, you trigger a QuickAction with the actions available for the category or values: Edit, clear, ... For each action, you can also show a dialog to update/fill the field which has triggered the action...

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Sounds pretty good :) Will give a try.. – xyz Aug 27 '11 at 14:16

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