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How can I apply the following to a div in rails so that when you click on the div it functions just like this link? Thanks

<%= link_to "#2", :class => "xtrig", :rel => "coda-slider-1" %>
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What's the HTML code you are expecting Rails to generate? –  Behrang Aug 25 '11 at 9:08

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I may be misunderstanding you but...

If you want the div to be a clickable link, the logical solution is to write something that generates

<a href="#2">
    Some stuff

However, this is bad as putting block elements inside inline elements is wrong.

link_to can accept a block, so you could use spans:

<%= link_to('#2') do %>
  <span>Some stuff</span>
<% end %>

Alternatively a Javascript handler on the div onclick event.

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<%= link_to "link name", :anchor => "#2", :class => "xtrig", :rel => "coda-slider-1" %>
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If you only want to have a block element in a separate line you do not need a <div> but you can make the <a> tag "behave like a div":

a.xtrig {
  display: block;
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