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what is the default value of an uitextfield? I need to implement a login page alert with message" please enter both the fields" How to implement the check condition whether username and password textfields are filled ?

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Your login view will have a Username(txtUsername) and a Password(txtPwd) text fields. And a button(btnLogin).

if([txtUsername.text length] !=0 && [txtPwd.text length] !=0)
// Navigate to view controller you want to
UIAlertView* alertView = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:nil message:@"please enter both the fields" delegate:self cancelButtonTitle:@"OK" otherButtonTitles:nil];

[alertView show];                           
[alertView release];

- (void)alertView:(UIAlertView *)alertView clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex{

    if (buttonIndex == 0) {

        //OK clicked

        //Do something

    else {


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thanks :) works fine – Lithu T.V Aug 31 '11 at 9:15

You can check when enter/return/done is pressed on keyboard using textFieldShouldReturn delegate..


If you want to check while user is typing itself, you can use




Read UITextFieldDelegate documentation...

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You can check length of entered text. For example:

if ([usernameTextField.text length] == 0 && [passwordTextField.text length] == 0) {
      // inform user to enter both data
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thanks :) works fine – Lithu T.V Aug 31 '11 at 9:14
Perfect..Works good.. – Pradeep Reddy Kypa Mar 19 '12 at 10:49

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