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I've already added the Facebook like-button, the Google +1 button and now i'm adding the Twitter Tweet button but noticed that it doesn't make use of any the opengraph metatags i've embedded in the <head> of my page while facebook and google do.

How can i make the Tweet Button use the data from my OpenGraph metatags so i don't need to add redundant data to my page just to get the tweet button to work correctly?

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I'm interested in this question too. I think amazon did a quite good job on the twitter integration . See twitter.com/#!/amazon/status/169491158962143232 . I couldn't figure out how that rich data is extracted from the amazon page yet. maybe schema.org ? –  mihai Feb 21 '12 at 21:45

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Currently Twitter doesn't support any kind of tags . See https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/1244 . However you can add a picture and location through the media API

There are some kind of "automatic" integration but only for big players such amazon.com , youtube.com etc ... Try to tweet a link with any amazon product and the tweet will automatically get populated with additional info such a picture, add to cart button etc .

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