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i have this function to paginate all my pages...

function loadPager(pathing,table,rpp,page,id){
    var URL = pathing+"includes/paging.php?pathing="+pathing+"&table="+table;
    if(rpp) URL += "&rpp="+rpp;
    if(page) URL += "&page="+page;
    if(id) URL += "&id="+id;
     url : URL,
     beforeSend : function(xhr){
      $("div#pagingContainer").html("<img src='"+pathing+"images/preloader2.gif' style='margin:50px auto 0px auto;' />");
     success : function(result){
     error : function(xhr){
      alert("An error occured: "+xhr.status+" "+xhr.statusText);

this code works well in all paginated pages.. except one... but i am sure the my "pathing" works well..

for more observation please visit and compare these pages http://ramonlacbain.org/news/ and http://ramonlacbain.org/gallery/

its very hard to explain, and im going nuts in this issue.. i always get an error 403 in gallery/anyfoldername/

please help... any reply or knowledge would be very much appreciated..


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The 403 comes from the server. You made a request to ramonlacbain.org/includes/paging.php?pathing=../../… and the server sent back a 403. It's not your JavaScript's fault, unless you did not intend to hit that URL. –  Ray Toal Aug 25 '11 at 9:42
thanks for your reply, but how should i solve that issue now if you say that the server made the 403? and why does my request works on other pages? Thanks! –  Jan Arvin Mito Aug 25 '11 at 9:51
403 means that the server forbids you from reading this page. He allows you to read all others, which is why they work. Check the security settings of the server, or maybe even look for all references to that page, see if you accidentally blocked some users from accessing it... –  Eran Zimmerman Aug 25 '11 at 11:28

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