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I have the below code to check for device orientation and device motion handling in HTML 5. I got this from http://dev.w3.org/geo/api/spec-source-orientation.html. I tested my code using iPhone3G and the motion event was trapped. I dont know why the device orientation was not trapped. I believe since iPhone3G does not have Compass support I could not trap 'compassneedscalibration' event.

I tested the App in Android's browser. (HTC Wildfire). I could not get any of the events. Please share your why we dont get the events in Android Mobile?

 window.addEventListener("compassneedscalibration", function(event) {
                  alert('Your compass needs calibrating! Wave your device in a figure-eight motion');

     }, true);

    window.addEventListener("deviceorientation", function(event) {
                  // process event.alpha, event.beta and event.gamma
    }, true);

    window.addEventListener("devicemotion", function(event) {
                  // Process event.acceleration, event.accelerationIncludingGravity,
                  // event.rotationRate and event.interval
    }, true);


One thing I have notice while testing in iPhone and iPad is that whether the device moves or not the event kept getting triggered continuously with out any stop.


I found the reason behind the question I put up in UPDATE 1. It seems that The API detects and delivers accelerometer data 50 times per second.

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I came to know that right now these functionality is implemented only in iOS Safari Browsers. So we can not trap those events in iOS.

SOURCE: http://www.mobilexweb.com/samples/ball.html

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Worth noting that it is now available in Android 3.0+ –  nategood Mar 19 '12 at 19:27

Try listening for the "resize" event in Android instead. If you're using jQuery, your code might look like this:

$(window).bind('resize', function() {
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Resize event is meant for capturing events when the size of the Window gets changed. I think your answer is not the right one. –  Krishnan Aug 26 '11 at 5:29
Hey @Krishnan I know it seems funky, but the Android browser does not seem to trigger orientationchange events as expected. Binding to the resize event solved this problem for me. –  twaddington Aug 26 '11 at 22:09
Thanks @twaddington for the information. –  Krishnan Dec 8 '11 at 4:45

on iOS, the event you need to trap is "onorientationchange"

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