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I am adding Facebook functionalities to an already existing game. For this I am using the website style of integration.

As the game has its own payment method for virtual goods -that can not be replaced by Facebook Credits- I cannot make it playable on the canvas, or it would contradict point I.9 of the Facebook policies.

I am evaluating the use of requests (2.0), as they would fit nicely with the game flow. I haven't found anything stating that they cannot be used by a non-canvas app. However to make them useful and interesting I have to set up a canvas namespace and a canvas page for the app, or the requests link to a bogus URL (https://www.facebook.com/?request_ids=xxxxxxxxxxx) which doesn't allow me to handle them.

Setting a canvas name and a script inside that handles the requests then redirects or displays a link to the app website is easily doable. However as this technique makes use of the canvas, even if the game is not here, does it subjects the whole app to the canvas terms and conditions? (Which I cannot abide because of the payment method.)

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Great question (though not a code question, so S.O. users might whine). I have an app that I am considering moving off-facebook in order to give users a way to avoid the FB credit tax and get better deals on currencies and goods. For publishes, all I have to do is change the URL. For requests, I would have to set up a landing redirect page like you had mentioned. I'm afraid that as soon as I start driving traffic away from the canvas facebook is going to react negatively. –  jozecuervo Aug 31 '11 at 0:05
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is not about programming. Why we're not customer support for your favorite company. –  JasonMArcher Jun 4 at 17:24

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You may have found the answer to this already, but yes you can use Requests 2.0 on a non-canvas app. I'm not positive you can get the Request to link directly to your external site instead of the canvas page, but I believe that's possible.

Try this in the Developer app:

  • Make the App Namespace field blank
  • Set your external Site URL in the Website section
  • Completely remove the App on Facebook section

Does that set the request's link to your Site URL instead of the canvas page?

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