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I have a spreadsheet that has a list of video filenames in one column.

I'd like for a video player to open when I click on a filename.

Is there a simple way to do this?

There's a hack that lets you call external applications using the HYPERLINK command:

=HYPERLINK("mplayer", "foo")

This opens up mplayer (or whatever you tell it to). However, if I try to pass a command-line argument to the executable using:

=HYPERLINK("mplayer ~/Desktop/foo.mpeg", "foo")

then I get the error: "OpenOffice could not find a web browser on your system". It's probably attempting to parse the first argument and tripping over a space.

Does anybody know of a way I can achieve what I want? Perhaps there's a way to do this with macros?

The list of filenames is auto-generated (hundreds) so I don't want to do anything manual.

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You might try using %20 instead of the space, though I don't expect it to work.

Does your player have anything like a play-list provision? It seems that it would be more direct to compile a play list in whatever format that is, than attempt to force HYPERLINK( ) to work here.

The other possibiity is to see if there is a URL scheme registered on your system that will invoke the player, rather than a command line. Or just use the file: scheme and see if you can launch the mpeg that way. You may have to monkey with the file path to get it right. You may also have to %-escape the '~' if you have any of those.

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the file:// option works, as long as the application is a prefferred application for that type of file. thanks! – misha Aug 26 '11 at 15:00

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