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In my Project there are some names which coming from Database But Problem is that all characters are coming in uppercase(as if i store in uppercase) but i want that characters should come like this....

SANJAY YADAV "Sanjay Yadav"

It Should be Case Sensitive

Thanks in Advance..

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check this : Change the first character in each word of a string to uppercase

if it doesn't work then convert all letters to lowercase and then do the above url

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You can make all your text in upper case / lower case and then do your code

NSString *username1 = [userName uppercaseString];
NSString *username1 = [userName lowercaseString];

Note: userName is NSString

Hope it helps...

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Thanks for your effort but I want like this.. If i have one name "ABCDEF" and wants to convert in "Abcdef" .. How it possible..? – Sanjay Aug 25 '11 at 10:17

You have to use NSString function "capitalizedString" for this. NSString *fooUpper = [foo capitalizedString];

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