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I have some checkboxes on one view, that I want to eval on another, but I dont understand what its doing.

I've read posts/blogs stating different approaches to the name :-

update_params[]                     # array
update_params[0], update_params[1]  # known indexed array
update_params0, update_params1      # differently named

So going with the first which seems the most common :-

# views/index.erb
<input type="checkbox" name="update_params[]" value="Copy" />Update the host<br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="update_params[]" value="Start" />Start the software<br/>

Should the value be indexed? 0, 1?

So I want two outcomes

1) Display the options selected from the index.erb view on the version.erb view.

So that it looks something like :-

Copy : Yes
Start : No

Currently I have :-

# views/version.erb
<p>Copy : <%= params['update_params[0]'] %></p>
<p>Start : <%= params['update_params[1]'] %></p>

2) eval the options to pass to a script so that they become command line options, ie -c, -l

So my "controller"

# update.rb
helpers do
  def run_update(version, host, params)
    command = "./update.sh #{params} #{host}" # -c -l
    @ok = system( command )

post '/version' do
  run_update(params[:version_list], params[:host], params[:update_params])
  erb :version
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Maybe instead of relying on index, you could use keys in the array? For example:

<input type="checkbox" name="update_params[copy]" value="Copy" />Update the host<br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="update_params[start]" value="Start" />Start the software<br/>

So then, you can do stuff like:

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