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This code...

class A implements Serializable{
  String str
  int n

  def a= new A(str:'abc', n:7)
  def out= new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream('serializedObject.obj'))

  def inp= new ObjectInputStream(new FileInputStream('serializedObject.obj'))
  def a2= inp.readObject()

...produces error...

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: A
    at java_io_ObjectInput$readObject.call(Unknown Source)
    at otherRun.run(otherRun.groovy:16)

...when attempting to reload the object in the 2nd try block. It works OK when the class is a predefined class such as java.util.List. The above code also works OK when converted line-for-line into Java.

How can I get it working in Groovy?

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Put your "class A" into its own file and make sure the "A.class" file is availbale (in classpath) where you read the object.

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I guessed that would work without trying it out, and in fact that's my ultimate goal for using serialization in Groovy. It's very convenient, however, to experiment with new Java/Groovy features using a single source file in Groovy, before formalizing it with multiple files, packages, performance enhancements, etc. Because the code works OK when converted line-for-line into Java, perhaps Groovy should also enable it. –  Vorg van Geir Aug 25 '11 at 12:54
If you have a singel source file and execute it, the "class A" might be compiled several times ... usually getting a wiered name. This also can lead to strange behaviour. –  Angel O'Sphere Aug 25 '11 at 13:02

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