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I am writing a code to give the string to the macro..In macro i am writing @"ready to get with:\"%@\".Find out ." How to give the above thing in macro and i need to call that macro and i need to send the string value to that perticular "%@" that is there in the macro..how to give that.....

#define MSG_STR(x) 
#define DES_STR [NSString stringWithFormat:@"ready to get:\"%@\".Find out how here.", MSG_STR(x)]
NSString *shareFinalText = MSG_STR(shareWord);

I need the final string like """ready to get:shareFinalstring.Find out how here.

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Not totally sure I understand what you want to achieve, but could you not just use the following:

#define DES_STR(message) [NSString stringWithFormat:@"ready to get:\"%@\".Find out how here.", message];

NSString *shareFinalText = DES_STR(shareWord);
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thanks for the solution,my problem solved –  George Aug 25 '11 at 11:29
#define MSG_STR(x) @"" #x

will turn any x into an NSString constant e.g.

NSLog(@"%@", MSG_STR(a + b));

will give output similar to

2011-08-25 11:00:10 +0100 otest[89432:707] a + b

It works using the fact that the compiler coalesces syntactically adjacent string constants.

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