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I have an url with an optionnal argument:

urlpatterns = patterns(

In my template I have a link:

{% url attribute_event %}

But I have an error saying the url can't be reversed with these args. Must I use 2 url regex entry and url names?!

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only possible if you split it into two urls:

urlpatterns = patterns('my_app.views',
        'attribute_event', name='attribute_event_relative'),
        'attribute_event', name='attribute_event'),

in template:

{% url attribute_event %}


{% url attribute_event_relative '+1' %}

your view:

def attribute_event(request, calendar_id, relative_month=None):
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Hoo damned sorry, in fact my error was in my regex, I forgot "?" as [-2] char... 'schedule/(?P<calendar_id>\d+)/(?:month(?P<relative_month>[\+,\-]\d)/)?$' So I don't need multiple entries. – christophe31 Aug 25 '11 at 12:47
(As long as I sepcify all args in template even to None) – christophe31 Apr 7 at 9:30

Has to be this ticket:

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