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I'm binding ViewModels to ContentControls and letting Caliburn taking care of creating and binding the view. However, I would like to customize Caliburns ViewModel->View convention based on which ContentControl I'm binding to.

For example, a regular ContentControl, I want the regular View to bind (SomethingViewModel -> SomethingView). But for a certain ContentControl, I want Caliburn to fetch a View named for example SomethingViewSpecial. Is that possible?

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Yes, it is possible.

Use cal:View.Context attached property and then name your view for the specified context like YourNamespace.Something.ContextView (remove "ViewModel" from your view model name, add a dot, and the value of Context property).

By that, you can even bind several views to one view model.


<ContentControl x:Name="Toolbar" cal:View.Model="{Binding ActiveItem}" cal:View.Context="Toolbar" />

You can see working example here (from CoProject sample application, part 9).

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Thanks for the answer, very helpful in my project. – Ryan D Oct 6 '14 at 19:31

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