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I am not having any problem getting the custom processor to load, however when I try to call it from has_attached_file, paperclip ignores it, and instead just runs thumbnail.


  has_attached_file :file, 
                    :styles => { :web => "some input" }, 
                    :processors => [ :custom ],
                    :url => ":class/:id/:style/:basename.:extension",
                    :path => ":class/:id/:style/:basename.:extension"
                    :storage => :s3

As simple a processor as can be made just to show that the processor has been run


module Paperclip
  class Custom < Processor

    attr_accessor :input

    def initialize(file, options = {}, attachment = nil)
      @basename = File.basename(file.path, File.extname(file.path))

    def make
      dst =[ @basename, 'jpg' ].compact.join("."))

But instead when I check the saved record it returns instance variables from thumbnail



I must be missing something in either writing the processor or calling it. Any idea what is going on here?

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Have you tried something like this?

 has_attached_file :file,
                        :styles => {
                         :my_super_style => {:geometry => "100x100#", :foo => "bar", :processors => [:custom]}

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Have you put in the right place?

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:styles => { :web => "some input" }, :processors => [ :custom ],

should be:

:styles => { :web => {:geometry => "some input", :processors => [:custom]},

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