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Storyboards are new features in xcode 4.2 which simplify navigation design.
I assume new apps using storyboards are going to be working just fine on iOS 5 when it ships but I haven't seen anything about storyboards compatibility with iOS 4.
It makes sense that they would work (just like ARC is supposed to be going to work - they are a compiler / IDE feature, not runtime features AFAIK) but that's just me guessing, does anyone know if it's safe to use storyboards and be able to ship for iOS 4?


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Storyboards themselves are NDAd. But no, storyboards are absolutely not compatible with iOS4, the rely on new runtime classes which are not available there.

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Would appreciate a little more detail - what runtime classes? And why? Something to do with the transitions etc? –  Joseph Humfrey May 31 '12 at 13:09
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